Stamp out drugs in inbound mail

Take the guesswork out of screening

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Gain an undeniable advantage

Transform screening with Presumptive ID

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Know more!

Eclipse contraband solutions give you the edge

- Corrections Officers

- Law Enforcement

- First Responders

- Elections Officials

- Corporate Mailrooms

Fast. Effective. Safe.

Protect your facility

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Make voting safe again

Protect election officials from mail-borne threats

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Win the war

Face Fentanyl fears with a better battle plan

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When safety and security really matter, count on our contraband interdiction solutions to protect your people and facilities. Eclipse Screening Technologies specializes in detecting and presumptively identifying mail-borne threats and offers leading-edge body scanners and other products to strengthen safety and security from the inside out, and the outside in.

Reveal what's hidden

Eclipse Screening Technologies identifies the presence of illegal substances in personal and legal mail and protect all who handle mail.

1-click detection

Easy-to-use interface lets anyone scan, detect, and presumptively identify concealed, illicit material.


Scan mail items in seconds to safely detect different drugs and cutting agents in envelopes, paper, markers, crayons, and even stamps and stickers - while ignoring harmless threats and backgrounds.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrates with the processes and flow of your mailroom.


Inclusive of new and emerging drug formulations, substances, and the latest ploys.


Our mobile workstation makes it easy to screen mail when and where needed.

About Eclipse

Eclipse Screening Technologies is a leader in disruptive contraband interdiction solutions.

Let’s discuss your process and specific needs to find the right solutions for you.


VeroVision Mail Screener is a solution designed specifically for jail and prison mail rooms, to detect and presumptively identify illicit drugs smuggled into the facility on or in mail items.

We detect and presumptively identify a variety of high priority illicit materials such as Fentanyl, Heroin, Suboxone Strips, Xylazine, Methamphetamine, and Synthetic Cannabinoids, among others. We can detect illicit drugs in both solid form and when sprayed or soaked onto paper.
VVMS takes just seconds to provide you with a detection result, displaying a color overlay showing you where the material is located. And in just about a minute and a half, you can have a presumptive identification of the detected material.