About Us

Fostering better decision-making for safety and security

An established leader in hyperspectral imaging technology with installations nationwide, Eclipse Screening Technologies develops, services, and supports disruptive contraband interdiction solutions to help offices and facilities safely  handle and screen inbound mail.

Eclipse Screening Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eclipse Design Ventures, is based in Pittsburgh, PA. After acquiring the VeroVision® Mail Screener technology and transitioning leadership, engineering, and other staff, Eclipse Screening Technologies continues to support and advance VeroVision® and other related products and services, leveraging a wealth of knowledge and experience related to mail and other protective screenings.

Our Mission

Detecting and deterring mail-borne threats, and protecting those who handle and receive mail


Eclipse Screening Technologies is led by long-time product advocates and experts in disruptive technologies for contraband interdiction, including CEO Peter Safran and COO Rebecca Schuler.
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