The Innovation Within

Facilities need more than a manual and visual inspection to protect against illegal and dangerous contraband. Using hyperspectral imaging, X-ray technologies and robust experience, Eclipse Screening Technologies develops products and solutions that make screening fast, easy, and safe.

The tech behind our tools:

Like a traditional photograph, a hyperspectral image captures the layout of a scene in two dimensions—width and height. This spatial arrangement allows you to see where materials and objects are located relative to each other. Combining this spatial information and the spectral information provides you an exact location of analytes of interest within your field of view.

Hyperspectral Imaging is the process by which hundreds or thousands of images are captured across the electromagnetic spectrum. The VeroVision® Mail Screener incorporates hyperspectral imaging in the short-wave infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, the area just beyond the visible region.

In the SWIR spectral range, different materials absorb and reflect light at different wavelengths. This is known as their spectral signature. Paper, adhesive, and inks as well as illicit drugs and other chemicals all have unique spectral signatures that are based on their molecular composition.

By analyzing these signatures and applying complex image processing and machine learning algorithms, we can detect the presence of illicit materials and using various spectral matching functions, we can provide a presumptive identification the detected material.

By incorporating hyperspectral imaging techniques to correctional facility mail, we can uncover hidden details and gain deeper insights into the safety and security of the mail items. With Eclipse expertise in action, facilities reduce the burden of inbound mail inspection and remove the subjectivity that is inherent in other screening approaches.

The team behind the tech:

Eclipse Screening Technologies is lead by long-time product advocates, experts in hyperspectral imaging, Computer Vision Scientists, and experienced Software Developers. Our technical team has dedicated years to the development of hyperspectral imaging products and software. We helped pioneer VeroVision Mail Screener technology. Now we’re leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships to devise and enable disruptive contraband interdiction solutions that rise to meet evolving mail threats. Our solutions are ideal for correctional facilities, elections offices, corporate mailrooms, and more.

The resources behind
the team:

To focus on the needs of the industry, Eclipse Screening Technologies is a privately owned entity with the foundation, funding, and freedom to continue our innovation path. Our R&D and manufacturing facilities reflect state-of-the-art capabilities to drive the next generation.