LINEV Scanners

Cost effective AI-powered X-ray solutions

Eclipse is an authorized reseller of LINEV's next-gen security screening solutions. These non-invasive screening solutions scan people and objects for concealed threats and contraband.


Customer-focused solutions for use in prisons, counter houses, government buildings, and other critical infrastructure






High throughput

Detected Objects


Explosives solid or liquid


Weapons guns and knives


Electronics and cell phones


Narcotics and drugs


Precious stones


Ceramics and plastics

CLEARPASS Full Body X-ray Scanners

Answer the calls and demands of Corrections, Transportation, and other protection professionals for a compact scanning technology with advanced, high-resolution imaging performance and advanced detection capabilities. CLEARPASS scanners offer the fastest imagery processing in the industry: 3-second scan time and can be standalone or integrated into an operator’s workstation.

The unique pass-through design and prison-proven LINEV threat detection algorithms facilitate the rapid, non-intrusive inspection of people attempting to conceal contraband items on or inside their bodies.


Dual-view screening technology (full-body and torso images) use two X-ray images to reveal hidden threats and contraband. Ideally suited for use in prisons and detention settings, CONPASS SMART DV can also be utilized in other security and checkpoint applications, administrative buildings, and other places where a detailed examination of the human body is strictly required to apply high-level security measures.

This X-ray body scanner is most effective when searching for weakly-contrast swallowed objects, as well as objects hidden in the natural cavities of the body.

BV Small Tunnel Scanners

These compact, portable X-ray screening systems allow for fast, effective, and contact-free inspection of mattresses and personal belongings. Ideal for detecting contraband and other suspicious objects, the scanners provide automatic detection and perfect image quality.

Benefits of LINEV scanners

Security X-ray machines use X-rays to create inside images of objects to detect hidden items or threats and to screen people for potential security risks. Linev scanners provide a reliable, efficient, and accurate method of detecting threats, making them an essential component of any security strategy.

Detecting Threats

Security X-ray machines are designed to detect hidden threats such as weapons, explosives, drugs, and other illegal items that could be concealed in luggage, bags, or other personal belongings.


X-ray scanners offer a non-invasive method of screening individuals and their belongings, eliminating the need for intrusive physical searches.

Time Saving

Security X-ray systems can scan multiple items simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency. This is especially useful in busy transportation hubs, where large volumes of people, cargo, and vehicles must be screened quickly.

Cost Effective

Since X-ray machines for security can scan multiple items simultaneously, they require fewer personnel to operate, reducing labor costs. They can also reduce the need for manual searches, which can be expensive and time-consuming.

Improved Accuracy

X-ray systems can provide more accurate detection of threats than manual searches, which can be prone to human error.

Use Cases

Developed for use in facilities worldwide, LINEV scanners are part of a comprehensive security strategy to detect prohibited items and substances in any facility or office.





Government offices


Election offices


Candidate and political party offices


Law firms




Package processing and third-party delivery service




Federal and state prisons


County and local facilities