Meeting the evolving needs of the market

With systems installed in facilities across the country, our team has a unique perspective on mail processing, screening, and distribution that allows us to anticipate the needs of our customers and identify new and emerging threats.

Our consultation services help offices and facilities build comprehensive programs around the VeroVision® Mail Screener and customize or optimize Eclipse products for efficiency and ease within existing processes.

Our experienced team also supports grant writing for contraband interdictions solutions, providing templates, content, and strategic advice.

Eclipse professional services are delivered by our experienced team of engineers and consultants.


Expert-design programs for detecting and deterring mail-borne threats


Tailored integration of VeroVision® Mail Screener with existing mail handling processes and workflows


Establish efficient and compliant mail-handling policies and processes to reduce risk and protect personnel


Our consultants leverage the extensive experience in engineering and implementation built through supporting customers at installations nationwide.

Cost saving

Access our consultants for on-demand and project services, paying for the niche expertise only when needed.

Use Cases

Add knowledge and experience to your mail screening program with expert advice and guidance from our consultants.


Process assessment and design


Mail screening best practices


Policy development


Compliance services




Problem solving


Internal and public information communications

We can help you leverage the data you collect from your Mail Screener to inform your decisions ahead. Let’s talk.