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VeroVision Mail Screener is a solution designed specifically for jail and prison mail rooms, to detect and presumptively identify illicit drugs smuggled into the facility on or in mail items.

We detect and presumptively identify a variety of high priority illicit materials such as Fentanyl, Heroin, Suboxone Strips, Xylazine, Methamphetamine, and Synthetic Cannabinoids, among others. We can detect illicit drugs in both solid form and when sprayed or soaked onto paper.
VVMS takes just seconds to provide you with a detection result, displaying a color overlay showing you where the material is located. And in just about a minute and a half, you can have a presumptive identification of the detected material.
Yes, VVMS is completely safe for operators and mail items. It does not emit any harmful radiation, does not require any special protective equipment or eye protection, and is 100% non-destructive.

VeroVision screens for high priority illicit materials and illegal drugs.

Yes, VVMS is designed to fit within the process and flow of normal mailroom operations, which is consistent with mail opening and inspection procedures.

VeroVision provides an added layer of protection for mail handling and can be easily integrated with your current screening and sorting processes.

There is no one solution that is 100% effective at eliminating contraband, but when incorporated as part of your security program, VVMS can provide an added layer of protection against mail-borne threats.