VeroVision® Mail Screener

Curb the onslaught of harmful substances in personal and legal mail

VeroVision Mail Screener is the only desktop and mobile sensing system to safely scan and screen mail and presumptively identify contraband without digitizing.


Uses leading-edge hyperspectral imaging technology for high-resolution imagery and fast, definitive results.


Swiftly detects and presumptively identifies illicit drugs and cutting agents.


Engages user in the screening process, reducing complacency and improving reliability.


Eliminates burdensome and costly processes like digitizing or photocopying mail.

Reveal what's hidden

VeroVision® presumptively identifies dangerous drugs in and on mail, such as K2-soaked paper or an envelope laced with Fentanyl, that present a danger to personnel and places. Using near-infrared light, VeroVision® reveals what cannot be found with visual or manual inspection.

1-click detection

Easy-to-use interface lets anyone scan, detect, and presumptively identify concealed, illicit material.

Rapid Scans

Scan mail items in seconds to safely detect different drugs and cutting agents in envelopes, paper, markers, crayons, and even stamps and stickers.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrates with the processes and flow of your mailroom.


Inclusive of new and emerging drug formulations, substances, and the latest ploys.


Our mobile workstation makes it easy to screen mail when and where needed.

How it works

Uncover potential risks

VeroVision® Mail Screener quickly, easily, and objectively detects drugs concealed in mail with high accuracy.

  • Mail is screened in seconds
  • Automated detection technology screens for illicit drugs and cutting agents
  •  Results are shown on an intuitive user interface
    • High-quality images with areas of detection highlighted
    • Presumptive identification of the detected material

Use Cases

Developed for and in use in correctional facilities nationwide, VeroVision can be used for safe, secure mail handling in any facility or office.


Government offices


Election offices


Candidate and political party offices


Law firms






Federal and state prisons


First responders