Stamp out drugs in inmate mail

Vigilance matters with incoming mail. Often the entry point for an evolving cocktail of dangerous drugs, correctional facilities need more than visual inspection.

Fast, safe and easy to use, the VeroVision Mail Screener curbs the onslaught of dangerous substances in personal and legal mail.

VeroVision Mail Screener™ protects staff and benefits inmates

VeroVision Mail Screener is the answer to safely, quickly interdict and presumptively identify illegal substances in personal and legal mail. Using near-infrared light, VeroVision reveals what cannot be found with visual or manual inspection.
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100% Safe Screening

Be safe, be sure. Our easy-to-use, non-contact, non-destructive system helps protect officers, staff, and inmates from harmful exposure.

Accurate Intel

See more, know more. With near-instant accuracy and high-resolution imagery, presumptively identify drugs and gain valuable intel on users and smugglers.

Save $$$

Less risk, more impact. Fewer drug overdoses and less drug-related injury and violence helps lower costs. The facility is less susceptible to legal challenges.

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Gain an undeniable advantage

When mail has been tampered with, it’s not always obvious. It’s the hidden threats — like K2-soaked paper or an envelope laced with Fentanyl — that present real challenges … and dangers. Take the guesswork out of mail screening with the VeroVision Mail Screener.

Fast. Easy. Safe.

VeroVision Mail Screener is the most effective way to screen inmate mail without resorting to subjective imagery or digitization.​

1-click detection

Easy-to-use interface allows anyone to quickly scan, detect and presumptively identify concealed, illicit material.

Rapid scans

Scan mail items in seconds to safely detect different drugs and cutting agents in envelopes, paper, markers, crayons, even stamps and stickers.

Easy integration

It's easy to integrate VeroVision Mail Screener with the normal process and flow of your facility mailroom. Count on complete compatability with existing mailroom policies.


Update material library as new drug formulations and substances emerge.


Add a new layer of security to legal mail screening. Our mobile workstation makes it easy to screen mail when and where needed.

Sprays and Soaks

Keep pace with the latest ploys. Our Sprays and Soaks app intercepts items that have been tainted with methamphetamine and certain synthetic cannabinoids.

A new foundation for a bright future

VeroVision Mail Screener is the cornerstone product of Eclipse Screening Technologies llc, a new entity established by Eclipse Design Ventures, to deliver disruptive contraband interdiction solutions.

With over 100 installations nationwide, VeroVision Mail Screener solves age-old problems for correctional facilities: keeping staff and inmates safe and deterring drug use. Our investment provides the foundation for a new era of customer support and innovation.

Eclipse Screening Technologies is led by long-time product advocates and experts in hyperspectral imaging. CEO Peter Safran and COO Rebecca Schuler are continuing their leadership roles, bringing in-depth expertise to customer service, sales, R&D and manufacturing operations.

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